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Aquarius Forecast - December

You are one white hot dynamo! Mars has been pumping through your sign enhancing your energy, libido and charisma since last month and continues to do so until the 20th. On top of this cosmic blessing Venus also visits your sign for most of the month so you'll be utterly irresistible. I don't have to tell you the impact this will have on your love life but if want me to spell it out your pull factor will skyrocket! If you're single this is the best time to 'research' your options or commit to a stable, healthy and effortlessly passionate relationship. Meanwhile, you may feel as though you're waiting for answers, information and things in general to unfold. Trust your instincts and don't be compelled to forge ahead with plans until you have all of the specifications you need. As far as the silly season is concerned you'll be in fine form thanks to the Sun energising your sector of friendships. Don't overcommit yourself to all of the birthday, Xmas, NYE festivities. Wait till you have all of your invites in a row before RSVPing. aa