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Aries Forecast - December

Whether you're after a transcontinental journey or a lazing poolside at a resort you'll be desperate for a holiday. The Sun in your sector of travel is making you restless and increasingly distracted by thoughts of getting away. Some of you may even be thinking about relocating permanently as the planetary action fills you with a sense of daring and spontaneity. You'll jump at a chance to pack your bags whether it's an overseas invite to a friend's wedding, a job transfer or a long distance relative offering a place to stay. So instead of making excuses make the time and just go for it! As this sector is also about learning some of you will feel the urge to hone the old grey matter and head back to Uni to complete a degree or study something new. You'll crave new experiences and part of this will be broadening your knowledge as well as horizons. Meanwhile the sociable atmosphere in your sector of friendships will place you in high demand. It's a busy time of year so make sure you prioritise your engagements. aa