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Welcome to Absolute Astro 101

OK, you thought you had astrology pretty down pat. After all, you know Virgos are thin and tidy, Scorpios are vindictive sex maniacs, Capricorns are power hungry and Pisceans are space cadets. You've read up on your own sign and are familiar with your ascendant. You may even know what a Saturn return is but when a star-savvy colleague mentions relationship and career issues caused by transiting Pluto squaring her Venus in the tenth house you may feel a little out of your depth.

This self-directed online guide will introduce some basic concepts of astrology to those new to its study, as well as serve to refresh the memory of those more familiar with the art. aa

Course Outline:
          1 - The Basics
          2 - The Planets
          3 - The Houses
          4 - The Elements
          5 - The Qualities: Cardinal
          6 - The Qualities: Fixed
          7 - The Qualities: Mutable