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Cancer Forecast - December

Cooperation and compromise will put a spring in your step this month and restore your faith in humanity, just in time for the festive season! With the Sun energising your sector of group activities you're likely to gravitate towards like minded people who share your vision and strive to accomplish something as a team. Meanwhile Mercury, the planet of intellect and self expression also enters your relationship sector strengthening communication with loved ones. This is the best time to clear the air, formulate plans and turn over a new leaf. However, from the 19th onwards though Mercury turns retrograde creating confusion and misunderstandings, particularly with partners, both romantic and business in nature. You can prevent things going pear shaped though if you discuss important matter and any recurring issues thoroughly before retrograde kicks in. An epic holiday is on the cards as mighty Mars moves into your travel sector but if you don't have one planned the spontaneity of the red hot planet may send you packing at the last minute. It's also a great time to pursue academic dreams and projects as well as a line of study for the new year. aa