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Capricorn Forecast - December

Stressed about cash? You shouldn't be and nor do you need a financial consultant, just a pen, paper and forethought. Mars continues bringing money making ideas and wonderful possibilities until the 20th. Although your desire to boost your bank balance will be a driving force thanks to the impetus of the red hot planet you're also likely to experience opportunities to boost your earning power so make sure you seize them with both hands. A great complement to this is Venus which is also in your money making zone from the 8th until early next year. The upside of her presence is that she brings a certain amount of ease to financial commitments and is an excellent advantage when it comes to negotiations. However, let's not forget that Venus is the celestial shopaholic so any incomings are likely to be dispensed if you cede to her will. Having send all of that for those of you who are typically frugal goats this is exactly what you need in order to spoil yourself and buy something random, frivolous or just for the hell of it. 'Tis the season, so go for it! aa