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Birth chart analysis and personality profile

Interpreting the positions of the planets at your time of birth gives you a deeper understanding into your character, various quirks and why you approach life the way you do. It reveals your potential, as well as how to maximise strengths, overcome weaknesses and eliminate self-sabotaging behaviour. You'll also gain insight into your life purpose, relationships, career and family influences.



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Yearly forecast
What the year ahead holds for you regarding love, finances, family, career, health and life direction. A great guide to navigating challenges and making the most of opportunities.


Relationship Compatibility
Whether or not your star signs are traditionally compatible your sun sign is just the tip of the iceberg. Relationship Compatibility as well as challenging differences that can, with insight, ultimately complement each other.


Baby birth chart
Looking at the star placements at the time of your baby's birth can give you a heads up into their blossoming personality by helping you to understand their needs and desires, even from a tender age. An ideal gift.


Clear Skies
From launching a business to planning your wedding, astrology can be a great tool in choosing the most fortuitous time. It can also help you pre-empt problems and come up with contingency plans for a less than ideal date.
You can also email specific questions regarding work, love, business, finances and events.

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