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Gemini Forecast - December

If you've been spreading yourself thin, a predictable scenario between end of year business and socialising, this is a good time to plot your escape! Yes, you'll still want to mingle and party with friends but the urge to get away from it all will become an increasing distraction. For those in relationships getting away with your partner will become a priority with many of you choosing to put your union before family events. You need this so don't allow yourself to be 'guilted' by parents of the rest of the clan. A holiday with your beloved will do you both the world of good. Those who are single have a very strong chance of meeting someone special and permanent while away from home. Regarding money, avoid overextending yourself, borrowing or lending from the 19th until early next year. With Mercury regressing through your sector of other people's money during this time it's likely to create blurred lines. Avoid misunderstandings and being left high and dry by doubling checking the fine print, terms and conditions. aa