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 On September 20, 3:29pm it's a new moon in Virgo!


Time to tidy, streamline, declutter and get real, yep, it's a new moon in Virgo! Virgo is the signed of purity and perfection. Their eye for detail, knack for analysis and gift for trouble shooting is unrivalled so this is the perfect time to get your act together. For starters, there's nothing like a good spring clean so take a page out of Virgo's 'less is more ' approach and have a good purge. Apart from culling your surroundings take a detailed look (how awfully Virgo esque!) at your daily routine and recognise the time wasters (including people) that are preventing you from moving forward as well as stopping you from doing the things you love. As Virgo is also associated with health this is the best time to detox, start a healthy new regime and balance your mind, body and spirit. Peace, love and mung beans, Hedy xxx

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