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Leo Forecast - December

Tie up loose ends! Yes, it's the time of year when everyone should be doing it but I can't emphasise enough how important it is for YOU, Leo, to especially take heed, and here's why: First of all, Mercury, the great communicator and master of multi tasking is in your sector of industry and work. Yay, this is good! It will bring you clarity, help you formulate a thorough 'to do' list as well as the best method to tick every item off. However, Mercury turns retrograde on the 19th causing delays, misunderstandings and increasing the chance of backtracking due to silly avoidable mistakes. BUT if you cross your Ts and dot your Is, as well as go over everything with a fine toothed comb prior to this date there be zero or minimal fall out. This will leave you free in the ensuing weeks to focus solely on refining your routine and reflect on how to make improvements in a relaxed manner rather than because you have to. Meanwhile, Venus and Mars continues to heighten passion both good and bad in your relationship sector. You can count on more arguments and slamming doors but also sizzling kiss and make up sessions and face it, you Felines love a bit of drama! aa