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Libra Forecast - December

The Sun in your sector of communication is enhancing your self expression making you eloquent and persuasive. You'll be more inclined to give your honest opinion and less likely to flatter, mediate or tell people what you think they want to hear. Your objectivity and influence makes this the perfect time to speak in a forum like situation, especially at work or in arenas that you know you can make a difference. It's also the perfect time to hold meetings or line up interviews for next year. As this area is associated with transport some of you are likely to be rethinking your current mode and perhaps trade up in the vehicle department or perhaps buy a bike for the morning commute. Meanwhile, Mercury, the planet of communication enters your home sector helping to foster understanding and unity. This is the perfect time to hold family and household meetings in order to clear the air and make sure everyone is on the same page. Just make sure you use the first part of the month to thoroughly nut out all of your plans and schedules because from the 19th onwards Mercury, the planet of communication, enters a retrograde phase for a weeks which is known for creating misunderstandings. However, if you're all good prior to this the regressive action want touch your sides. aa