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Pisces Forecast - December

Your image sector is getting the VIP star treatment from the Sun, so you'll waste no time entering the New Year with a spanking new look. Your appearance and attitude will be your main focus as you'll want to make a positive impact on people, particularly those in your professional arena. The stars are also doing an awesome job of bringing friendship, fun and frivolity into your life. With talkative Mercury in your sector of socialising people will be very drawn to you and you'll never be short of company. Eventually though you'll tire of small talk and clinking glasses. Streamline your get togethers and make quality time for interesting new people that you'd like to get to know better or friends that are easy to be around. Capricorns and Aquarians will be the perfect, low maintenance partners in crime. If you've experienced friction, tacit or verbal, with a friend this is also a great to get to the heart of it. When Venus eventually moves into your social sector around the 10th you'll feel the friction dissipate. Meanwhile, assess your future goals and think about how you'll do things differently this year. aa