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Scorpio Forecast - December

'Tis the season to be jolly ... and spend wads of dollars! Thankfully, the Sun in you money sector will energise your cash flow and help you to sensibly budget for this most expensive time of year. If you put your thinking cap on and plan ahead you'll have more than enough to play with. However if you're extravagant, disorganised and do everything at the last minute your bound to waste a bundle so make sure you do a bit of prep. With clever Mercury in the area it rules, your sector of intellect and communication, you're likely to be twice as smart with practical chores as well as clear headed. Expressing yourself with clarity and leaving no margin for error is your great asset right now and you'll be in a great position to influence people. You're also more likely to make new friends and allies as you become more sociable and talkative. After the 19th however, Mercury turns retrograde and so you'll be less likely to voice your opinion or feel that if you do your words may somehow be misinterpreted. You can avoid this by saying everything you need to priori to this date and adopting your 'only say something when it's worthwhile' stance. aa