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Taurus Forecast - December

Everyone is winding down for the year but you're rubbing your hands together planning world domination! Ruler Venus and Mars have both moved into your sector associated with career and ambitions giving you the confidence and courage to make your mark whether it's boldly approaching your boss for a raise or promotion, starting up your own business or leaving a job to pursue a more fulfilling path. You will be more assertive than usual during this highly auspicious period but don't rest on your laurels and always remember to take the initiative instead of waiting for opportunities to land in your lap. Therefore it's important to recognise serendipity in all of its subtle forms and that requires thinking outside of the box. Change is the biggest catalyst for lucky breaks so when a new development arises think three moves ahead and visualise how you can use it to your advantage. On a different note, this sector is also associated with your image. Use the impulsive star energy to overhaul your look and use the festive atmosphere for your big reveal. aa