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Virgo Forecast - December

As the year draws to a close you'll be more than ready for some fun and excitement! Thankfully with Mercury in your sector of amusement you'll be in for some mischief and memorable laughs with cheeky friends over Xmas catch ups. You're also likely to find a few kindred spirits with an equally droll and evil sense of humour during work functions and the like. As this area is also associated with romance your inner flirt will be gagging to come out and play. If you're single and looking for trouble Capricorns and Leos are the perfect partners in crime. Those of you with partners should use the spontaneity of this placement to surprise partners with some unexpected antics. As this area is also devoted to self expression and artistic pursuits it's the perfect way to channel your creative juices and save money at the same time. Make your own Xmas cards and think of unique gifts for loved ones which may entail repurposing something you have, discovering the perfect treasure at a flea market or garage sale or give them something you've crafted with your own hands. The love you put into it will be worth more than any price tag! aa