This month's Aquarius horoscope

21st Jan to 19th Feb

February 2019

Recent unexpected expenses may have left you light but thankfully, with the dynamic Sun visiting your money sector you can expect a boost and then some!

To cap it off beautifully, Venus and mars are in your communication sector making you assertive yet charming, firm yet nonthreatening making this the ultimate time to discuss business transactions, launch projects and sign contracts. Any real estate dealings are highly favoured but you’ ll have a relatively small window.

Doubt and hesitation will be your undoing so get the facts, make up your mind and don’ t take too long pondering decisions. If there is any paperwork involved sign before the 17th otherwise hold off until early May because during this time Mercury will be retrograde in your cash zone which could lead to unexpected pitfalls.

On the love front there’ ll be a real sense of stability, but without the ‘ comfy old slippers’ complacency.

Still, the odd spicy gesture won’ t go astray!