This month's Cancer horoscope

22nd Jun to 23rd Jul

February 2019

It’ s what’ s inside that counts. Yes, being a sweet and nurturing person is all well and dandy but if you want to make an impact most people don’ t have time to hear about your genuine desire to help build an orphanage or that you’ve rescued countless puppies. In other words, appearances matter!

With ruler Venus in your area devoted to image and career it’ s important that your first impression is a positive one. Thankfully, you’ re at an advantage. Venus is the planet of style, so even those who loathe getting gussied up will enjoy the idea of a makeover.

With Mars also in your career sector your professional life is on the up and you can finally show others what tremendous tenacity and leadership skills you have. People in positions of power will be receptive to ideas and do all they can to give you a helping hand. Dress the part and you’ re more likely to land it.

With the Sun energising your sector of travel and adventure you’ re more likely to take risks which will pay off in the end.

Suffice to say, this is also a great time to organise a holiday.