This month's Gemini horoscope

22nd May to 21st Jun

February 2019

You may have felt at cross purposes with people, particularly partners as feisty Mars stirs up your relationships sector until the 17th. Although the warrior planet is known for being combative let’ s not forget that it is also a highly productive force so use this time to iron out differences and get on the same page.

The soothing, selfless energy of the Sun in Pisces will help you to smooth over differences, making compromise and negotiations stress-free while helping more intimate relationships progress in the right direction. Meanwhile, easy-going Venus and witty talkative Mercury each bring humour and harmony to your friendships drawing out your vivacious nature and perking up your social life while Aries and Aquarians will be the perfect partners in crime!

Networking is also highly favoured because you’ ll not only exude charisma and be exposed to more people, some of which are bound to be handy contacts, your mind will be razor sharp. As this area is also associated with goals and aspirations it’ s the perfect time to revise your objectives. Sit and write a list, devise plans and aim to launch your operation around the new moon on the 17th.

Use your heightened instincts as much as logic and you can’ t go wrong!