This month's Leo horoscope

24th Jul to 23rd Aug

February 2019

If you’ve been penny pinching or afraid to look at price tags you’ ll be able to relax a little more with money. The Sun is shining upon your area associated with other people’ s money. When it’ s in your own money zone there’ s a certain amount of work involved but here you won’ t need to do anything but sit back.

This placement is known for generating cash through other parties perhaps via a partner’ s raise, a tidy sum from a parent, an inheritance or lottery win. At the very least you’ ll find that those around you are generous and helpful.

It’ s also a good time to release pressure by settling a few debts. As this area is also devoted to sex you’ re in for a treat!

You’ ll find a boost in your libido as well as your partner’ s but it won’ t just be a wham bam thing. Softer, tender and more passionate dynamics are at play strengthening your bond and fostering understanding on a very deep level.