This month's Libra horoscope

24th Sep to 23rd Oct

February 2019

If your job has been unfulfilling of late all of that will change this month. The Sun will ensure the atmosphere at work will be pleasant due in part to your cheerful influence. You’ ll feel inspired to execute tasks in a more artistic manner and weave more fun and frivolity into your routine. As this area is also devoted to health it’ s the perfect time to get back on track with diet and exercise.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been feeling unromantic, unimaginative, unfocused this month Venus and Mars, the ultimate muse and action hero, bring inspiration and motivation to your area of creativity, leisure and love affairs. Under this hedonistic influence earthly pleasures become a priority.

It’ ll be hard to deny yourself anything from small creature comforts to extravagant luxuries but it’ s good wine, food and company that will bring the most enjoyment. It will also increase your zest for life and sexual cravings. Spring some cheeky action on your partner, arrange a lusty night in or go out for some drinks and laughs.

Single Librans will effortlessly garner attention and compliments from strangers. In fact, it seems no one will be immune to your charms so don’ t be surprised if you attract awkward advances from people who are off limits.

Leos and Aquarians are your best matches.