This month's Pisces horoscope

20th Feb to 20th Mar

February 2019

As the sign associated with spirituality Pisceans are a pretty introspective breed. Birthdays will make you even more reflective, especially with Venus visiting your sector of subconscious thought. Even though the dynamic influence of the Sun in your sign will make you more extroverted you’ ll also need some solitude and privacy.

A new moon in your sign on the 17th will make you feel more sociable and ready to take on the world as well as new projects. Meanwhile, Mars in your career sector will heighten your ambitions and desire to get noticed. You must be intrepid and seize opportunities or they will pass you by.

However, if you take a proactive approach you’ ll be rewarded beyond your expectations. Regarding your love life a full moon in your relationship sector on the 2nd will jolt many of you out of complacency.

It may also provoke drama from problems that have been swept under the carpet for way too long. Under the scrutiny of the silver orb some of you may be honest and brave enough to leave an unhealthy relationship behind, but for others it may be a matter of saying goodbye to old patterns that have prevented you and your union from flourishing.

Single Pisceans who have been keeping a hidden crush under wraps may decide to drop less than subtle hints or boldly make a move.