This month's Scorpio horoscope

24th Oct to 22nd Nov

February 2019

Intense as you may be, Scorpios love a laugh as much as the next person. However, with a taste for the sardonic it usually comes at someone else’ s expense. Yes, apart from Leos you are the prime jokers of the zodiac and this month, with the Sun visiting your sector of fun and play make sure that you can take what only you’ re willing to dish out.

An elaborate prank isn’t your only idea of amusement. You’ ll have an urge to see a play, go to the cinema and immerse yourself in leisurely activities. Under this placement, having a good time should be a priority and heaven knows that under the weight of Saturn you Scorpios are the ones who need it the most!

This area is also associated with passion and romance, and as bedroom activities are also known for being another of sexy Scorpio’ s favourite pastimes the libidinous atmosphere will be another way to blissfully unwind. Creative projects are also a great form of therapy so if it’ s been a while in between masterpieces now is the time to lose yourself in a hobby.

With Venus creating peaceful and fluffy dynamics at home you’ ll have the ideal sanctuary in which to decompress.