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It’s a Super Blue Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo February 1, 12:26am (AEST)!


Sounds impressive, huh? Let me break it down for you: ' Super' means it appears bigger than your garden variety full moon as its orbit is closer to earth. 'Blue' is the term used for the second full moon in a month which is a little misleading because although this is the case for many countries technically it isn't for those in AEST time zone. Finally, 'Blood' is referred to the reddish hue caused by the light refraction from earth's shadow. These spectacular features are truly fitting for the sign in which it occurs, Leo, the cosmic queen of theatrics. The second of three Lunar Eclipses in Leo, it speeds up change and increases our ability to manifest. It also creates endings, beginnings and enables you to move forward, especially if you've been indecisive or in a holding pattern. Although this Eclipse will spark sudden changes don't wait, instigate! Close a chapter on certain aspects of your life that are no longer serving you and make room for the new. As the sign of opulence and generosity this is a great time to use the crystal and fine china, and not just for special occasions. If you have an abundance of stuff from designer clothes to jewelry think about giving it to someone you love that will appreciate it. Leo is one of the most courageous signs so embrace the Feline spirit by facing a fear from heights to inner demons. Revel in the creative climate and unleash the artist within by taking on an artistic endeavor. As Leo is also the sign associated with passion this is ideal time to lavish love on your partner and pleasantly surprise them with romantic gestures. So, in short, be kind, brave, bold and anything but ordinary! Peace and love, Hedy xxx

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