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October 10 Jupiter enters Scorpio!


Ready for your luck and life to change? Jupiter, the planet traditionally associated with prosperity, expansion, travel, philosophy, higher learning and adventure, (hey, I'd be robbing you if I didn't name all of them, okay?) moves into Scorpio on October 10, 2017 where it will remain until November 8, 2018. Yeah, that's more than a year of this astro amulet bringing good fortune to certain areas of your life. You can expect ease and major returns on investment to the sector of your chart Jupiter touches which could mean a higher paid job, more comfortable living conditions, elevation in lifestyle and career status, expanding your consciousness via travelling, a windfall landing in your lap or meeting your soul mate. Jupiter is light hearted, Scorpio is serious but this combination, incongruous as it may seem, enable you to tread the muddier fabric of life with ease and get insight and joy by immersing yourself in nitty gritty. As Scorpio is also the sign of other people's money you can expect financial ease. Oh, as if you didn't know, Scorpio is the sign associated with sex so, well, 'nuff said! For more on how to maximise this placement contact me for a consultation. Health, humour and hearty humping, Hedy xxx

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