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January 17, 1:17pm (AEST) is a New Moon in Capricorn! 


Okay, peeps, it's time to make your mark! The New Moon, a time of fresh starts and prosperous beginnings, enters Capricorn the sign associated with career and status. Heightened ambitions, optimism and efficiency will inspire you to create goals particularly regarding your professional life and direction in general. Take the initiative and don't waste time in regards to following through with valuable contacts, approaching bosses with fresh ideas or scheduling a job interview. It's also the perfect time to branch out on your own and start your own business. Harness Capricorn's New Moon energy with these cosmic tips: Take a hike! Blessed with fortitude and perseverance there isn't 'a mountain the Goat can't climb literally or metaphorically. Pushing yourself physically, apart from being good exercise, will create a more positive mindset. The most obvious activity is to climb a mountain or go for an outdoor trek of sorts. Above and beyond Think you can't try any harder or do any better? You can! Draw on all of your perceived 'failures' and use them to make improvements. Recognising your limitations is also an important key to success. With the patience and determination Capricorn's New moon energy instills you're certain to make significant progress and, this is the day to launch! Begin or expand your crystal collection As an earth sign and the Goat Capricorns rule mountains, many of which include Mother Nature's hidden treasures. Crystals are the perfect way of connecting to the earth's energy. Balance, nurture, heal, focus and revive with a little crystal knowhow. If you've been meaning to start, add to your existing collection or brush up on your knowledge (The Crystal Bible is an excellent go to guide) the New Moon is the perfect time to do so. Manifest prosperity! Capricorns love the finer things in life and are hard working. A lesser known quality is that many are great believers in manifesting. (Google the story about how Capricorn Jim Carey wrote himself a $10 million dollar check for 'acting services rendered', post-dated it 10 years and kept it in his wallet) Get acquainted with the laws of attraction and make your goals quantifiable by writing down specific goals, amounts and dates. Create a manifestation board, visualise the positive outcome you wish to achieve and for extra impact read a written statement out loud each morning and night before you go to bed. Refine your image Even if you don't give two hoots about what others think putting your best foot forward and sprucing your look will never hurt. Create or hone your signature style, own it and work it. Think about the impression your posture, attitude, handshake grip, eye contact and smile conveys. Put some thought into how you come across to others by smoothing out your rougher points and capitalising on your finer qualities. Peace and love, Hedy xxx

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