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November 18, 10:42pm (AEST) is a New Moon in Scorpio! 


This month's new moon is rather special as it is complemented by the dynamic energy of the Sun, Venus' loving, harmonious vibes and AND the prosperity and cheerfulness of Jupiter. Yes, Scorpio is intense, mysterious and doesn't have a light, fluffy bone in their body (beneath the exterior, that is) but, ruled by powerful Pluto it is the sign of power and transformation. The new moon is also about change and planting the necessary seeds for it to happen. Combine this cosmic cluster of awesomeness and we all have the tools to put our wishes out onto the ethers and a double dose of success! Scorpio also has stamina and while so many other new moon wishes may fall by the way side due to lack of focus or staying power this one will give you an extra helping of determination to make your dreams and goals come true. Okay, I can't get away without mentioning Scorpio's salacious reputation and so your love and sex life are sure to benefit. Oh, and if you don't have time to write down your wish list and mediate on all of the things you wish to pass new moons give you a day's grace which means that casting a spell the day after a new moon will be equally, if not more potent! Hedy xxx

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