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It’s a Full Moon in Virgo March 2, 11:51am (AEST)!


Full Moon in Virgo March 2, 11:51am (AEST) Full Moons are a time of climax and manifestation when intentions and goals reach fruition. There's also a degree of excitement or drama as emotions tend to also run high, however, in earthy Virgo theatrics will take a backseat to a strong need to connect with nature. As the perfectionist of the zodiac it's likely that something you've been working on will receive those final vital touches allowing you to stand back and celebrate the finished result of your toil. Virgo is also the healer of the zodiac being of service to others will feel just as rewarding as a pampering day spa session. Live mindfully It's so easy to stuff another mouthful of crisps in your mouth, hear without listening or place your keys where you'll lose them. The grounded energy of Virgo encourages you to be mindful. Live in the moment by enjoying each bite, take note of where you've parked in massive shopping centres, put your keys in the same place or go one better and get a key valet, sit while your partner or child relays their day to you and focus. Being present in everything that you do, a good and easy habit to adopt, is known to reduce stress and increase pleasure. Get dirty! A little ironic considering Virgos are clean freaks but getting your hands in the dirt through gardening or cleaning out the garage is a perfect and productive way to harness the energy of this full moon. Ground yourself Use the earth energy to centre yourself whether it's building a sandcastle on the beach with your children, walking barefoot on soft cool grass or working with crystals. Lastly, don't sweat the small stuff. Virgo is known for being overly fussy and a bit of a worrywart, which will be intensified by the Full Moon but keep reminding yourself to focus on the big picture. Peace and love, Hedy xxx

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