24th Aug to 23rd Sep

Earth Element
Ruled by:


Mutable Quality

All about Virgo, The Virgin

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of mental dexterity, Virgos are analytical, organised, and often referred to as the perfectionists of the zodiac. Blessed with a double dose of common sense and pragmatism, you’re a natural when it comes to navigating obstacles, and are usually the one sought at work to handle the troubleshooting. Although practical, you’re also a true artisan, possessing exquisite taste as well as an exceptional eye for quality and detail. Wise, impartial, and very discreet you have a sound moral compass but rarely pass judgment which is why friends seek you for advice. However, you’re also intolerant, critical, and downright neurotic, especially when surprise plans rock your routine.  It’s true you like order and can be quite retentive, particularly with your rituals and diet, but you’re not the uptight, macrobiotic munching, fusspots everyone thinks. As an earth sign, you have a wicked sense of humour and are quite capable of letting your hair down!

When it comes to love, you can be conservative and won’t put yourself on the line unless you’re quite certain your feelings will be reciprocated. While others opt for fireworks and drama, you see friendship as the durable backbone of any union and look for someone who shares your interests and level of intelligence. You may not be overly affectionate with partners or loved ones in public, but behind closed doors you’re a teddy bear. People are drawn to your modest, genuine personality and find you very easy to be around.