22nd Jun to 23rd Jul

Water Element
Ruled by:


Cardinal Quality

All about Cancer, The Crab

Ruled by the Moon, the ‘planet’ of emotions, Cancer folk are receptive, affectionate, and gentle. You have an innate understanding of human nature, making you the one friends turn to for advice, support and comfort. However, putting the needs of others before your own can leave you emotionally and physically exhausted, which is why every once in a while you need to retreat into hermit mode to recharge your batteries. You’re sensitive to the needs of others, but can also be moody, self-absorbed and clingy, often becoming disappointed when others don’t meet your lofty, unrealistic expectations or can’t reciprocate your emotional availability.

Crabs are among the most romantic signs of the zodiac and when in love will go to great lengths to make their partner happy. You’re loyal and doting but easily hurt, which is why you usually put potential love interests through a series of hoops before you’re certain they’ll treat you well. As the sign associated with family and home, Cancerians are very hospitable and love nothing more than cooking for and entertaining the people you love. Even those without strong ties to your clan manage to create a loving group of friends who, blood or not, are your family. You may have a reputation for being the ‘homebody’ of the zodiac but that’s not to say you haven’t had your fair share of travel and making a spectacle of yourself on tabletops. Although you’re initially reserved, around new people you’re more than capable of becoming the life and soul of the party.