24th Jul to 23rd Aug

Fire Element
Ruled by:


Fixed Quality

All about Leo, The Lion

Ruled by the sun, you can be forgiven for thinking that you’re the centre of the universe because, at least astrologically speaking, you are! Vivacious and confident, you like nothing more than holding court – so it’s a good thing that people find you to be unusually captivating. You’re generous, often to a fault, and have the sort of regal presence that commands respect. Yes, Leos are well-liked and admired by most everyone you come in contact with. However, you can also be vain, arrogant, and manipulative when you aren’t getting your way. Luckily, these less appealing traits are eclipsed by your charm, loyalty, and genuine warmth. As one of the most artistic signs of the zodiac, all your passion is best channelled into creative pursuits. Many have an innate talent for acting, dancing, and singing, so it’s little wonder the film and music industries are dominated by Leos. Every Feline has an inner superstar or diva, which explains your love of opulence and inability to settle for second best. It’s these qualities that make you loathe cheap imitations and stinginess.

When it comes to love you’re passionate and dramatic, falling head over heels in record speed. Most Felines are also believers in love at first sight, which is why so many of you get married after knowing your partner for a very short time. You can be possessive and high maintenance, but in turn, your lover receives pure adoration and is made to feel like royalty.