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New Moon in Aquarius February 5, 8:03am(AEST)

Here’s the thing about good intentions – they remain just that until you actually do something about them. And that’s where a New Moon comes into play. New Moons are the absolute best time to consciously put your intentions out to the Universe as because special lunar moment is synonymous with fresh starts, clean slates, new chapters … need I bang on? This month’s sliver falls under Aquarius, the sign of individuality, ingenuity and altruism. As Aquarius is also a natural networker, don’t be shy about calling in favours, taking action and contacting people who have previously offered to set you up with introductions or get your foot in the door. One thing is for sure, goals and objectives created during a New Moon have a higher success rate, so get out your wish list and start a solid step-by-step plan, and face it, without a plan you’re waiting for luck to land in your lap. If you don’t manage to get the word out to the Universe on this day, don’t worry. The following day is just as potent in terms of your requests being heard and fulfilled. I mentioned Aquarius is the sign associated with humanitarianism so if you feel compelled to buy lunch for someone homeless, sponsor a child or commit to a charity do so, and not just for karmic brownie points.

On a lighter note the sociable atmosphere created by Aquarius will encourage you to be with friends, and even if you think you have more than you can handle don’t be surprised if someone new enters your life and becomes a permanent fixture.


Full Moon in Virgo February 20, 2:53am (AEST)

Pop quiz, hot shots! When do farmers harvest their fields – the rewards of seeds planted, nurtured and grown to fruition? Duh, during a Full Moon which is why this time is associated with reaping both crops and rewards. Cast your mind back to about six months ago. Did you lay out any intentions, put plans in place or give yourself a deadline? If so, it’s highly likely that these goals will have taken shape. Full Moons are also a time of heightened drama – many doctors, beloved ambos and medical response units will confirm that when the silvery orb is fit to burst it makes us all a little loco. Here, however, in the earthy, poised and focused sign of Virgo the theatrics are taken down a notch leaving us to focus on ambitions instead of creating a fuss. There may be heightened energy or perhaps tension will come to a head, especially in the work place, but ultimately it’s all good because it will allow you to move on. Virgo, the sign associated with productivity, will encourage you to push through those last finer details needed to obtain your objectives. As it is also connected to health and healing it’s the perfect time to get in touch with nature, be of service to others and pamper yourself.

Peace and love, Hedy xxx

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