By Hedy Damari


Monthly  Musings.

Happy Easter and vernal equinox,

Buckle up, buttercup! Yep, it’s one of those times – Mercury is in retrograde until April 25th, so hope for the best, have a plan B and double-check your dates and appointments. As it’s in the impulsive and somewhat brutally honest sign of Aries a self-imposed gag order may come in handy. Think before you speak and avoid signing on the dotted line wherever possible. On the upside, this is a time when new information comes to light and there are opportunities to see situations differently. Any delays are a blessing in disguise, so go with the flow and accept everything will turn out for the best. If all else fails hop in an ice bath and let the expletives fly – scientifically proven to release endorphins…………………the swearing that is. A time of rebirth, rebalance not just for the equinox Sunday March 31 but also due to the Full Moon or Pink Moon on April 23 EDT 19:49.  What is being illuminated?  What behaviours or thoughts can no longer hide in the shadows? What darkness can no longer withstand the light?

Celestial Events in April:

April is packed with celestial highlights!  From planetary alignments to comet sightings and meteor showers, there’s something for everyone.  Don’t miss the devil comet:  12/P Pons-Brooks, as the comet is formally known, it has two coloured gaseous trails that resemble devils’ horns. It was discovered in the late 1800s and orbits the Earth once every 71 years, a total solar eclipse on April 8 (Northern Hemisphere,) planetary conjunctions and the breathtaking Pink full moon. See Full Moon Calendar for Australia here.

Live consultations:

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Peace, love and clarity,

Hedy  xxx

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