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June Monthly Musings

Yes, you can make anything happen, but it requires more than telekinesis and positive thinking.  Thankfully, with the planets of charm and motivation in the signs they rule – Venus in Taurus and Mercury in Gemini – your focus should be as much on elbow grease as winning people over. Jupiter also moving into intrepid Aries, encourages you to take risks. Fortune favours the bold, but also due diligence. Be intrepid and make things happen.

June 21-22 marks the winter solstice. Okay, this heralds midsummer for those of you in the northern hemisphere  – warm, even sultry and the longest day of the year. While people in the southern hemisphere experience a brisk, chilly climate and the shortest day of the year. 

Weather aside, this annual event marks a halfway mark in our solar calendar and the Sun moving into Cancer, the sign associated with home and family.

This will inspire many to literally or metaphorically get your house in order. Handling domestic issues from renovations and breathing new life into your surroundings to handling paperwork or moving house is on the cards for many as we reassess how 2022 has played out thus far.

It is also a time to check that our actions are aligned with our values. Evolution requires change, so reassess what’s important to you now and reprioritise.

Growth, peace, love and domestic bliss.

New moon in Cancer June 29 12:52pm (AEST)

So here’s the thing about good intentions – they remain that way until you actually get up and do something about it. That’s where the beauty of a New Moon comes into play. New Moons are the absolute best time to consciously put your intentions out to the Universe as this moon phase is synonymous with fresh starts, clean slates, new chapters … need I bang on?

Peace and love, Hedy xxx

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