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Ahhh, that’s better. We can breathe a collective sigh of relief now that Mercury, the planet of communication, and Venus, the love planet, have both resumed a direct course. If you’ve been agonising over where to place your affection, cash or precious time, recent confusion will be replaced by clarity. Provided you’ve done your homework, it’s the perfect time to buy, as well as take your relationship to the next level.

From mid-month, Mercury moves into innovative Aquarius, sharpening your smarts and ability to grasp new concepts. But, you may also become irritated with those not on the same page.

By the 16th you’ll be in the mood for drama. A full moon in theatrical Leo will deliver excitement in spades! This is the perfect time to unleash your inner flirt and pursue the object of your desire. Just be careful not to give mixed signals or toy with people’s emotions. As Leo is also the sign associated with creativity you could finally complete a masterpiece or brainchild.

With the Sun in altruistic Aquarius, before shifting into spiritual Pisces on the 20th go out of your way to perform random acts of kindness … in a non-performative way.

Peace and love, Hedy xxx

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