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The quest to boost sexual prowess and seduce the objects of our desire has been with us long before Viagra was a mere twinkle in a scientist’s test tube.

Spanish Fly or Blister Beetle, the ancient root Ginseng and, of course, seafood have all purported to increase the libido. However, potions, foods and other assaults on the senses may sufficiently work on one person but fail miserably on another and that’s where the cosmos can help.

You see, different star signs are predisposed to certain stimuli. oysters are sheer ecstasy to some, repulsively reminiscent of phlegm to others. A tickle behind the knee may send a Capricorn into a state of rapture but annoy the hell out of a Libran. Combining selective horny herbs, foods and erogenous zones and applying them to certain signs will improve the chance of putting the object of your desire, or yourself, in the mood.

Come with us as we enter the realm of the senses and discover how the stars can help you choose the best aphrodisiacs and push the right buttons.

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