By Hedy Damari


Monthly  Musings

Welcome to the wild side! Wait … whaaaat?


Yes, Virgo is the sign associated with caution, control
and calm. However, with it’s ruling planet Mercury
in retrograde until the 14th, the three ‘Cs’ are
thrown out of the proverbial window.
This placement will give meticulous Virgo a vague
edge, but fear not, it’s a good thing.
Step back and reassess, reprioritise, reevaluate and,
above all else, take your time – it is not of the
essence – getting it right is.

The day after Mercury resumes a direct course,
a new moon in Virgo on the 15th (how very convenient)
is the time to plant carefully considered seeds which
will, with careful nurturing, yield success.

Hmmmm, what else … go getting Mars in Libra will make all of us more assertive within all manner of relationships and stand your ground regarding values. Venus in Leo will also open the floodgates enabling you to unleash your inner artist. As Leo is also the sign of passion and romance go after what and whom you want. Be brave. Be bold. The only thing you’ll regret is holding back.

Peace and love,

Hedy xxx


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