21st Apr to 21st May

Earth Element
Ruled by:


Fixed Quality

All about Taurus, The Bull

Ruled by Venus, the planet of indulgence and luxury, Bulls are the sensualists of the zodiac. Fond of food, money and sex, not necessarily in that order, you exist to experience the world on a physical level. As an earth sign, material comforts are important; however, you dislike any sort of pretension or superficiality. Modest, practical, and patient, you don’t believe in free rides or short cuts, only perseverance and dedication. It’s this attitude that enables you to steadily pursue and achieve your goals, especially those that will help you reach your desired lifestyle. Security, both financial and emotional, is paramount. You need the stability of a permanent address and regular pay check, as well as a loving and loyal partner.

Regarding love you’re romantic, affectionate, and devoted. Relationships aren’t something you take lightly, and you carefully scope contenders to make sure they are prepared to put in the same level of commitment. By nature, you’re careful and cautious, which sometimes prevents you from leaving your comfort zone and trying new things. Although you’re slow to anger, on the odd occasion when you are pushed beyond your limits you have an explosive temper. You can also be very intolerant and unreasonably stubborn. However, these traits are usually eclipsed by your infectious humour, warmth, and easy-going personality. You’re also deeply genuine and have the sort of moral compass others aspire to. Calm in the face of adversity, you’re a rock to friends and family in times of crisis and dependable as the day is long.