Technically, the Sun, Moon, and more recently Pluto, aren’t planets, but the three luminaries are employed as ruling planets of signs in astrology.

Each sign has a ruling planet and is influenced by its energy. For example, Aries is ruled by Mars the planet associated with aggression, motivation and sexual magnetism. Consequently, most Aries display all of the aforementioned qualities.



The Sun is the intrinsic part of us, our essence and urge to shine. It is our quest for growth, how we thrive and express our uniqueness. The house and sign the sun is in indicates how and where we search for growth and find our identity.



The Moon shows what nurtures us and how our needs are met. Depending on the sign and house placement it reflects the way we express ourselves on an emotional level. If your moon is in Aries you’re likely to have an explosive yet short-lived temper, if in Pisces you’re probably highly sensitive and perceptive. Those with moon in the ninth are emotionally enriched through travel and philosophy, moon in the sixth house of health are normally born healers and extremely fussy eaters.



Mercury impacts on mental faculties, how you learn and communicate. Gemini here indicates a quick mind craving lots of mental stimulation, Mercury in Scorpio indicates a highly intuitive, penetrating mind. Mercury in the third house also indicates a quick mind with an effortless learning propensity, Mercury in the twelfth, a mystical, psychic mind.



Venus is your urge to attract and create love, beauty and harmony in relationships and in the world in general. If your Venus is in Libra you not only have impeccable dress sense and a really nice looking bathroom (with all the pretty shells and stuff) but a strong need for balance and harmony. You’re probably a major fence sitter with a strong aversion to confrontation. Aquarius here is a big freedom lover and perhaps a little aloof with a strong dislike of clingy people.



Mars is the planet of energy, assertion and drive. It reflects your energy levels, sexual and otherwise, as well as approach to situations. If you have Mars in earthy Taurus you loathe being rushed and approach things in a measured, practical and thorough manner. However, Mars in a fire sign like Sagittarius will be spontaneous, a little slap dash and prone to act impulsively.



Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion. It is considered to be the “lucky” planet and whichever house your Jupiter falls in is considered to be the area of life that comes easily to you. Those with Jupiter in the second house of finances mightn’t be squillionaires but always land on their feet. Jupiter in the fifth house devoted to, among other things, creativity and children, are effortlessly arty and may have many offspring, or at least a natural rapport with the little munchkins.



Saturn is the planet of structure and limitations, in other words, the antithesis of Jupiter. Saturn is the policeman but also life coach of the horoscope. The area in which Saturn appears indicates the area in which you place boundaries and exercise caution. It causes you to experience and overcome difficulties and is, therefore, your strengthening teacher. Those with Saturn in the first tend to be more careful and wary. Saturn in the third may indicate someone with difficulties expressing themselves.



Uranus is the planet of innovation, individuality and the unexpected. If you are stuck in a complacent rut Uranus will kick you in the butt and evoke the necessary change and course of action through unexpected events. Someone with Uranus in the sixth house of health may find they experience accidents more often than others; in the tenth house it would indicate the need for a somewhat unusual professional life, in the seventh house the desire for a unique and probably unorthodox partnership.



Neptune is the planet of nebulousness, confusion, creativity, psychic intuition and mysticism. Neptune in the fifth house may indicate a musically gifted individual, while in the eleventh house it could suggest someone with a spiritual, Bohemian and eclectic circle of friends. It is also the planet of deception, not through intent but because of its ambiguous nature, and when transiting Neptune passes over Mercury or travels through the tenth house – anything to do with business and/or communication – it is best not to sign contracts until it shifts.


Pluto is the planet of birth, death and sex. It is the most intense planet and evokes change through destruction. I hate to sound all fire and brimstone, but it normally creates a phoenix rising from the ashes effect. The up side is it does make you stronger and definitely wiser. Pluto intensifies the house it is in other planets it is near. If you have Pluto near your Mercury at the time of birth you will have an extremely penetrating mind, if it is near your sun you will be a very intense and magnetic person.