Includes Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces


You take what has been created and attempt to alter or adapt it. Known for your changeable, chameleon-like nature, you adapt to almost any situation, whether it involves, career, home or relationships.

Apart from being flexible, you’re optimistic and know that when one door closes, another inevitably opens. It’s for this very reason that you love change and welcome it as an opportunity to explore and gain new experience. Funny, personable and friendly, mutable signs are non-threatening and approachable, and have the ability to strike up relations very quickly.

However, you’re not as opportunistic as cardinal signs and are rarely compelled to use the clout of your connections. You’re very quick at processing information and assimilating ideas and have a gift for analysing all facets of a situation. This makes you a valuable team player who is not only a fast learner but low-maintenance, acting without ego and a minimum of fuss. Accommodating, obliging and compromising you’re happy to fill whatever role is assigned to you. Your love of change and versatility often cultivates vast and varied interests. However, this desire can also make you easily bored.

You have the gift of not being tied to perceptions or defined by ideals, which change according to your needs and the situation you’re in. Impartial by nature, you have the ability to see all sides of the story, however, what some see as open-mindedness, tolerance and versatility others perceive to be unreliability, inconsistency and indecisiveness. Too much mutable quality can manifest as disorganisation and instability, causing you to lose focus and the objectives of your goals.



As an earth sign, Virgos are the most pragmatic of the mutable group, approaching projects with clarity, problem-solving skills and a high degree of organisation.



As the water sign of the group you are the most intuitive. You can sense the feelings of those around you and adapt accordingly.



As a fire sign you’re the most energetic. Blessed with great vision and an optimistic spirit you can always be counted on to boost or maintain morale.



As an air sign you are the most communicative and not only eloquently express your own needs but often speak for others or act as mediator.

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