Includes Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.


Cardinal signs display strong leadership qualities, initiative and an intrinsic desire to get the ball rolling. Enthusiastic and confident you are unafraid to test your abilities and try new things, even if at first you may not succeed.

Talk is cheap, and while the rest of us are still gabbing on about when or how we will approach things you’ve already assembled an efficient posse and are half way through nailing your project. You’re the team players who come up with great ideas and the impetus to make things happen. You don’t wait for opportunities to land in your lap and create your own fortune.

You are also creative, in the artistic and practical sense, and love seeing the results of your toil. Nothing makes you come alive like a good mission and the chance to put your motivational abilities to the test. Cardinal signs are blessed with nous and social skills giving you a well-connected circle of friends, associates and allies who willingly help, but know that you too will provide them with the support and information they need when the occasion arises.

Cardinal signs work well in a team, provided you’re at the helm, with your immense vision, competence and charisma usually securing your spot at the top. Although I’m a firm believer in like attracting and working well with like it’s not necessarily the case with cardinal signs – there’s likely to be fierce competition as each tries to dominate the situation and take charge as you greatly dislike constant supervision or people breathing down your neck and prefer to have autonomy.



As a feisty fire sign you are the most enthusiastic, competitive and domineering member who isn’t afraid of hard work or elbowing your way to the front.



As the water sign of the group you are the most receptive and get things done by instilling trust in people and letting them know you’re always available.



As an air sign you are the most charming and diplomatic. These qualities make you a born networker who effortlessly attracts helpful and loyal allies.



As an earth sign you are the most productive and practical. You’re the quiet achiever of the four, however beneath the modesty lurks searing ambition.