21st Jan to 19th Feb

Air Element
Ruled by:


Fixed Quality

All about Aquarius, The Water Bearer

Ruled by Uranus, the planet associated with progress, the unexpected, and humanitarianism, Aquarians are unpredictable, intelligent, and are often referred to as the individuals of the zodiac. You crave variety and loathe routine, which is why so many of you give the norm a wide berth and go out of your way to fly in the face of convention. The most original and forward thinking sign of the zodiac, Aquarians are the quickest to grasp new technology and generally have an obsession with state-of-the-art gadgets. This is why many of you are suited to careers in computer science, space travel, or predicting market trends. Born with a fiercely independent spirit, you loathe being hemmed in and like to come and go as you please.

While highly sociable, you prefer to be on the periphery where you can observe but not openly participate, and make a quick get away whenever you feel like it. Although you’re usually viewed as friendly, you can also be aloof- particularly when you feel others become a little too possessive. In fact nothing sends you heading for the hills more than clingy behaviour, demands, and expectations in both friends and lovers. When it comes to relationships not all Aquarians are commitment-phobic, but it takes a secure and freedom-loving individual who won’t try to cramp your style. Although you tend to view most individuals as idiots, you are very altruistic on a global level and passionately throw yourself into causes that will benefit the greater good.