21st Mar to 20th Apr

Fire Element
Ruled by:


Aries Constellation
Cardinal Quality

All about Aries, The Ram

Ruled by Mars, the planet of assertion and drive, Rams are confident, enthusiastic and vivacious. As the first sign, you are the pioneer of the zodiac, possessing innate enthusiasm, courage beyond most mere mortals and enough energy to power a small country. Motivated and optimistic, you welcome challenges and rarely let obstacles stand in your way. As a cardinal sign, you’re also a born leader with a talent for boosting morale and getting the job done. Impulsive and spontaneous, you’re known for taking risks which occasionally land you in hot water, but it’s this intrepid attitude that also fuels your entrepreneurial spirit.

When it comes to relationships, you’re passionate and impulsive with a tendency to fall in and out of love suddenly. You relish the thrill of the chase so keepers must have a gift for continually surprising you. They must also perform the delicate balancing act of being strong enough to handle you while simultaneously stroking your ego. When you do meet the right person, you’re completely devoted and treat your loved one like royalty. For all of your charming qualities, you do have a ‘Mr. Hyde’ side. On a bad day you can be impatient, intolerant, overbearing, and resort to diva-like demands when you aren’t getting your own way. Once you’ve made up your mind, you rarely change it, and although you are a deep admirer of candour, your honesty can be brutal and tactless. However, people tend to dismiss these traits and focus on your generosity, warmth and exciting presence.