24th Oct to 22nd Nov

Water Element

Ruled by:


Fixed Quality

All about Scorpio, The Phoenix

Ruled by Pluto, the planet of power, sex, death, and regeneration, Scorpios are magnetic, intense, complex, and intriguing. You’re also the most frequently misunderstood sign of the zodiac, with your ill-deserved reputation for being vindictive sex maniacs who can hold a grudge until hell freezes over, eclipsing your innate compassion and sensitivity. As a water sign, you’re highly perceptive, empathetic, and will go above and beyond the call of duty to help or rescue the people you care about. You’re also extremely protective, but this same quality can make you very possessive. And although compassionate, your intolerance for weakness can make you appear cold-hearted. It’s rare for you to give out second chances and if someone crosses the line you may occasionally forgive but will never forget.

Feeling so strongly and profoundly makes you an extremist who’s all or nothing with a tendency to love or hate; see things as black or white. This is particularly true when it comes to love. You enjoy playing the field (and how!), but when you find someone special your devotion is unsurpassed, and your loyalty unwavering. Scorpios are highly resilient, and often alikened to the phoenix rising from the ashes. Blessed with tremendous strength and stamina, you rarely buckle under pressure and are capable of weathering the most dire situations, emerging stronger, wiser, and better than before. After all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Endowed with sincerity, conviction, and strength of character, you’re an immense comfort, support, and inspiration to others.