22nd May to 21st Jun

Air Element
Ruled by:


Mutable Quality

All about Gemini, The Twins

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, Geminis are expressive, inquisitive and fun-loving. Endowed with a sprightly personality and a healthy dose of optimism, you tend to see the glass as half full. While you’ll happily cheer up a friend in need, you have little patience for ongoing negativity. As an intellectual, air sign you crave constant mental stimulation, and having such innate curiosity are constantly expanding your knowledge. You show a keen interest in your environment and the people in it. Not only are you eloquent, you have disarming and friendly personality which gives you the ability to converse with anyone about anything. Highly dexterous, you’re a gifted multi-tasker and in your element when juggling three or more things at once, although many of you complain about never having enough time. Secretly, you love being kept in a constant state of flux. On the down side, you can be duplicitous, frivolous, and unreliable. You can also be downright excruciating when faced with a decision.

When it comes to love, Twins are born flirts! Couple this with your low threshold for boredom, and it’s little wonder that most Geminis have strayed at some stage. However, when you find someone who matches your intellect, communicates well and maintains your interest your fidelity is unwavering. Blessed with a friendly disposition and a lively sense of humour you tend to attract a large and varied spectrum of friends who, no doubt, see you as a regular ray of sunshine.