Includes Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius


As the word suggests, fixed signs are, well, fixed. You take what has already been created and make sure it is stable and sustainable. A self-proclaimed creature of habit, you’re very set in your ways, rarely deviating from the plan and preferring the status quo to be steady and consistent, slow and deliberate.

You are also the most determined and steadfast, which can, at times manifest as pure stubbornness! You may not be as quick to take the initiative as cardinal signs, or possess the same level of people skills to recruit help along the way, but your patience and persistence always ensures that you achieve your objectives and see projects through to completion.

Loyal, dedicated and diligent, you’re stable, resourceful and reliable as a Swiss watch. You don’t believe in short cuts, lucky breaks, the Tooth Fairy or get rich quick schemes – only good old-fashioned planning and hard work. Of course, the down side to fixed signs is inflexibility can often lead to stagnation and stunt your growth on both a professional and personal level. Many of you sink into your comfort zone, refusing to take a risk for fear of failure. You always need to know what’s around the corner and the only time you do change is when you’re absolutely forced to.

In a team situation fixed signs are the backbone of the operation who see things through to the bitter end. However, you loathe being rushed or told what to do and others have to tread carefully using the power of suggestion rather than being pushy.



As an earth sign you are the most cautious and practical. You will steadily work for the comforts and acquisitions you seek for long-term security.



As a fire sign you are the most creative of the group, effortlessly applying your flair to tasks and tenaciously pursuing your grand vision.



As the water sign of the group you are the most perceptive. You always trust your instincts, are guided by first impressions and rarely change your mind.



As an air sign you are the most innovative, with flashes of genius and original ideas unearthing unique ways of executing tasks and accomplishing your objectives.